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Category: Art & Design - Other
Friday April 10th, 2009

Mistaken Art Image Licensing

At MtA, we work to Protect Artists, Promote Artist and Fan interaction, and regulate the art use in the PSP world today.

We offer both, Free Licensing for those who do not want to charge for the personal usage of thier Art, as well as Pay to Use Licensing, for those who desire to profit from thier art as well.

We accept ScrapKit Designers, Script writers, Photographers, Poser Artists, Traditional Artists.. Erotica, Nature.. anything you can think of. If it's Art. We love it.

MtA Has grown, very fast this year. We've tripled our customer base, doubled our artists, and really been " put on the map " in the last few months. I have to say " Thank you " to everyone, that helped in this process. It means the world to me that your passion for Art, Artists Rights, and Tagging are as strong as Mine.

With that said. If you have questions, comments.. anything. Never hesitate to email or drop me a note. Or Catch me on MSN. I'm usually. ALWAYS Somewhere.
Emotion: wink.gif

xx Love and Peace xx
Mistaken Art Image Licensing


Wanted to take some time, to introduce our Fabulous Artists and Photographers at Mistaken Art Image Licensing

Pay to Use Artists

Jussta - http://www.jussta.deviantart.com
Stella D - http://www.devilry.deviantart.com
KinkyJimmy - http://www.kjimmy.deviantart.com
James Jacks - http://www.inaneglory.deviantart.com
Jeanna Jacks -http://www.destinysgarden.deviantart.com
Christina Pereira - http://www.kjhersten.deviantart.com
April Howlett - http://www.monkeymintaka.deviantart.com
Carina Reis - http://www.ovelhanegra.deviantart.com
Balung - http://www.balung.deviantart.com
Derek Burton - http://www.derekburtons.deviantart.com
Danielle Pioli - http://www.bloody25.deviantart.com
Wikked art - http://www.wikkedart.deviantart.com -
Roberta Ponte - http://www.fate-e-fantasy.com
Gaynor Lewis - http://www.gaynorlewis.com
Guillaume Roos - http://guillaumeroos.free.fr
Kennon James - http://kennonjames.com/
Erin Ewer - http://www.3efantasy.com/
StarLady - http://www.starladystudios.web.officelive.com


Guki Creations - http://www.gukicreations.deviantart.com
Nicola Leaning - http://www.nicolajleaning.deviantart.com
Sweet Mary - http://www.sweetmarysphotos.deviantart.com
Images By Debs - http://www.images-by-debs.deviantart.com
Mis - http://www.m-i-s.deviantart.com
Rae Simpson - http://www.mysticeagle2005.deviantart.com
Sunshine Princess - http://public.fotki.com/SunShinePrincessPhotoGallery/
Hawaiian Cowgirl - http://public.fotki.com/Elikapeka2006/e-halversons-online/

ScrapKit & Script Designers

Regan Styles - http://scrapsbyrags.blogspot.com/
Believe Designs - http://believedesigns.blogspot.com/
Maria Lira - http://marypozaz.blogspot.com/
Stargazer Musings - http://stargazer-musings.blogspot.com
Carita Scraps - http://crazycarita.blogspot.com
Designz by Lou - http://www.designzbylou.blogspot.com

Free to Use Artists

Vicki Edwards - http://www.vle1170.deviantart.com
Kriss - http://www.gloomy007.deviantart.com
Malu - http://www.malu-g.deviantart.com
Leticia's Designs - http://www.public.fotki.com/roseldy28

MtA On myspace - www.myspace.com/Mis_takenart
MtA Blog - www.mistakenart.blogspot.com
MtA Site - www.mistakenart.com

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